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Cultural Awareness

We assist you in becoming aware of the impact culture has on your organization and on you as an individual with our seminars, webinars, workshops and cultural preference surveys.

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Culture and management

We assist you to explore to which extent culture enables or hinders individuals or organizations in reaching their goals with our coaching services, intercultural assessment centers, management team audits and organizational culture scans.

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Culture and strategy

We assist you in adapting your organizational culture to better support your strategy and we assist you in adapting your local practices to better deal with national cultural differences. We apply our organizational cultural scan, management team audit, change management practices and consulting services.

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A Cultural journey

Working with culture starts by building awareness of where you are. From there we can see where culture is helping or hindering the progress of the business.

Once we have this awareness we can begin to design the desired future culture which will best take the business forward. Then we face the challenge of embedding the new ‘way we do things round here’…….. consistently.

Itim international offers its clients services to ensure culture is looked at within the overall business. Services that serve different purposes and range from becoming aware of the impact of culture to using culture as key component in challenging projects such as post-merger integration.

Many organizations have found that the itim approach:

  • greatly enhances their competitive edge
  • moves beyond ‘cultural awareness’ to provide data-based tools which can help individual managers achieve their business goals by enhancing intercultural performance
  • helps companies as a whole to perform better abroad
  • enhances the skills of CEOs, managers and employees with international responsibilities
  • provides rapid and reliable organisational culture measurements (as a basis for planning change)
  • provides practical, cost-effective ‘levers for change’